Geriatric services offered in Lynnwood, WA

Getting older inevitably causes physical deterioration, resulting in weakness, pain, and loss of function. Darcy Szigety, DC, and the Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic team in Lynnwood, Washington, offer specialized geriatric chiropractic care to older people. If you have musculoskeletal pain or mobility issues, call Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic or book an appointment online today

Geriatric Q&A

What is geriatric chiropractic care?

Geriatric chiropractic care uses noninvasive, drug-free treatments to improve older people’s health.

As you age, your body undergoes various changes that result in joint stiffness, chronic pain, and reduced mobility. Chiropractic care can improve joint movement, reduce musculoskeletal pain, and enhance physical function. Geriatric chiropractors complete specialized training in treating older adults and addressing their specific health needs.

In addition to treating musculoskeletal problems, geriatric chiropractors offer advice on lifestyle factors affecting older people’s health and well-being. This may include guidance on proper nutrition, stress management, and exercise.

Geriatric chiropractic care helps older people maintain or improve physical function and quality of life. Working with qualified, experienced chiropractors with specific geriatric training is vital to ensuring safe, effective treatment outcomes.

What treatments are used in geriatric chiropractic care?

The Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic team’s specialists perform gentle, low-force geriatric-specific adjustments that help to realign the spine and reduce inflammation. They also use treatments like soft tissue massage, personalized exercises, and stretching to enhance geriatric chiropractic care’s benefits.

Joint mobilization

Joint mobilization uses gentle, hands-on techniques to improve joint mobility and reduce stiffness and pain.

Soft tissue therapy

Techniques like myofascial release target muscle tension, soft tissue restrictions, and trigger points — hard knots that form in the muscles. These techniques boost blood circulation, relieve discomfort, and promote relaxation.


The Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic team designs personalized exercise programs that improve a patient’s strength, balance, and flexibility.

Posture correction

Chiropractors use various methods to improve your posture, which often becomes more hunched with age. Approaches include spinal adjustments, ergonomic education, and specific exercises.

Fall prevention

Geriatric chiropractors provide balance training and home modification guidance so older people can remain independent and live in their own homes for longer. 

Pain management

Spinal adjustments and hot/cold therapies help manage pain from age-related musculoskeletal disorders. 

Why should I consider geriatric chiropractic care?

If you’re getting older and struggling with pain, weakness, and reduced function, geriatric chiropractic care provides a natural, noninvasive approach to improving your health and well-being.

It’s not uncommon for older adults to develop numerous age-related conditions like high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes that require long-term medication. Chiropractic care allows your body to heal without drugs or surgery, so you minimize the number of medicines you need.

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