Personal Injury Care

Personal Injury Care services offered in Lynnwood, WA

When you experience an accident or other event that results in injury, finding relief becomes a top priority. Residents of Lynnwood, Washington, rely on Darcy Szigety, DC, and the team at Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic for outstanding personal injury care. When you or a loved one is hurting, call or click to begin a path toward relief.

Personal Injury Care Q&A

What are some common issues that bring people in for personal injury care?

Many different things can cause injury, including some circumstances that are within your control and many that are not. Personal injuries can arise in a number of different ways. 

Some of the situations that bring people into Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic for personal injury care include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Workout overextensions or falls
  • Back or neck pain from postural problems

An unsettling number of people also encounter personal injuries as a result of violence, both during criminal assault from strangers or as a result of domestic or partner violence. 

When should I schedule a visit for personal injury care?

It’s important to take action if you experience a significant injury. Even injuries that don’t seem severe right away need to be evaluated by a professional. 

For example, many people who are involved in car accidents initially feel fine. They might have a degree of aching and bruising, but there is no severe pain. That’s often because the body releases powerful hormones to mask pain signals at the time of an injury. 

This response is a big part of why humans have evolved so successfully, but it can also make it difficult to determine the true extent of an injury in the timeframe following the event. It is not uncommon for serious musculoskeletal problems to arise in the days, weeks, or even months after a car accident or other traumatic injury.

If you go through any type of injury, coming in for a quick assessment is the best course of action.

What are my documentation needs for personal injury care?

In some cases, a legal proceeding follows an accident. If so, providing proper documentation of your injuries and treatment is an essential part of the process. 

People who are injured on the job might need to seek workers’ compensation as a result. That is another area where documentation becomes central to the process. 

Regardless of how you plan to address your legal rights after a personal injury, the team at Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic ensures you have the paperwork you need to move forward. Simply let your practitioner know your circumstances during your visit, and feel free to call the office if you need additional documentation after your treatment.

Booking a visit at Alderwood Back & Neck Pain Clinic takes just moments online or over the phone. Don’t delay getting the care you need in the personable, warm manner you deserve.